General Power Of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney (GPA)/Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is a legal document executed by
one person the power to act for another person. The Holder of GPA/SPA can have broad legal
authority or limited authority to make legal decisions about the executor’s finances, properties,
family issues, etc., In Divorce cases, the General Power of Attorney is regularly used by the petitioner
or respondent when they are not in a situation to appear directly before the Hon’ble Courts and
submit their petitions, counters, documents, arguments, etc., The Holder of GPA/SPA can either
submit the petitions, counters, arguments either on his/her own or by engaging a Lawyer on behalf
of the petitioner or respondent. The Family Courts Act, 1984 permits another person (Holder of
GPA/SPA) to represent a party at the court’s discretion. In general the General Power of
Attorney/Special of Attorney is executed by the petitioner or the respondent who resides abroad
and unable to appear before the Hon’ble Courts on every date of adjournment. (The GPA/SPA can
also be executed with “reasonable cause” for his/her non appearance staying in India). If the
Hon’ble Courts orders for the appearance of either petitioner or respondent, such appearance can
be made through video conference with the permission of the Hon’ble Courts.